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Hi!  my name is Mary,
 I live in Cyprus and I am the author of this Website.
I'm having a heck of a time trying to find some trace
 of inspiration to write herewith. So, pull up a chair, 
go get a drink and, come in and look around.

Cyprus, my country, with a 
population of approximately 780,133,  is
the third largest island in the Mediterranean,  
 located in the Eastern Mediterranean.  
Its geographical position is largely responsible for 
the climate which,  seems to divide
 the year into nine months of Summer and three 
of Spring. Autumn and Winter do exist but the 
rainy season is short whilst snow falls only on
 the highest mountains  in January or February. 
This brings in a lot of visitors to our beautiful country.
If you are interested to know more about my country
you can visit my specific site to learn more about Cyprus.

~ A Special Acknowledgement ~
I would like to take a moment to refer to the special 
people in my life. 
My family, my husband Manolis  and,
my 2 sons,  Alexandros  and Costas .  
  Both are grown ups now and live in their own house.
We also have three beautiful companions living with us, our
precious Cindy, and Buster  and Polo, All are
Shetland Sheepdogs and they are a family, father, mother and son.

I would like to give my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Litsa, 
 my friend for the encouragement she gave me, as she is
 the one who introduced me into the computer world
many years back but always appreciate the
encouragement for without her I certainly would
have never been able to get so far.


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Cyprus, an  Island on the Mediterranean,  
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my country,  and some of our traditions.

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My Shelties
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Int Ch Cindy x BOB Buster
puppies born on the 11th December 2012

Click on the picture below to view pictures of the puppies

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and  Buster
more pictures of my dogs on my Pets Directory

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Gone but never Forgotten

Tributes to my beloved Sandy and Maya
Visit my Pets Directory to see
more pictures and poems of all my pets

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