Reg. Name: Wake Up Call Wiseguy
Reg: CYCHES 090934490
I.S.B.R.106953 Israel

Born: 31 January, 2009
color: SABLE
Breeder:  Mr. Yossi Guy - ~ WiseGuy Kennel, Israel
Registration owner Mrs  M Stamatiou

BOB   09-10-2010   ~ Judge Mr Seamus Oates
BOB  10-10-2010    ~    Judge  Mr Marshak Avi
     BOB  05-03-2011~Judge Mr George Kostopoulos
BOB  06-03-2011   ~         Judge Mr  Deis Kurzelj
BOB  21-05-2011   ~   Judge Mrs  Lazic Suncica
BOB  22-05-2011   ~   Judge Mr  Shaun Watson


12 x CAC
Cyprus Kennel Club Champion  26-05-2011
Champion of Moldovia  31-03-2012
Champion of Bulgaria  01-04-2012

Other Judges:
Mr Deniz Kuzelj
Mr Erodotos Neophytou
Mrs. Beata Petkevich
Mrs Dagmar Klein
Mrs Sonia Philippou Kelveri

She's wonderful and sweet
I'm proud to introduce her
and welcome her into "Mary's Place"

Cindy as a puppy

Cindy's Parents

Bermark's Trader "Teddy"
Born: 4.3.07

Scandyline Black Avatar "Lily"
Born: 7.2.06

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More pictures of Cindy Here

Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) Breed
Dog Group: Herding Group  
Class: Herding

The Sheltie or Shetland Sheepdog
is a handsome and graceful dog,

with a long, wedge-type head and masses of mane-like hair.
The Shetland Sheepdog resembles a Collie in many ways.
The coat is long and rough, with a soft, wooly undercoat for protection.
The color of the Shetland Sheepdog can be
sable and white, tricolor (black, tan and white),
bicolor (black and white or black and tan) and blue merle.
The hair is particularly heavy around the neck, giving the dog the
appearance of wearing a ruffle. The Shetland Sheepdog has a
 luxurious long, feathered tail and flexible, soft ears.
This breed has a very intelligent and inquisitive expression,
added to by the dark, slightly slanted eyes.
Strong, swift and nimble, these dogs are energetic
and have lots of character.

The Shetland Sheepdog has a very gentle
and affectionate temperament,

making him the ideal companion. This breed is eager, intelligent
and loving, although they are very wary of strangers.
The Shetland Sheepdog can get on well with other animals a
and children providing he is properly socialized as a youngster.
They are very obedient dogs, and should be a pleasure to train.

Height and Weight
based on the British FCI standard
Height: Dogs 37 cm (14. ins) at withers 
Bitches 35.5 cm (14 ins) at withers 
There is a considerable difference between
 the American and the English type

Ideal Living Conditions
The Shetland Sheepdog can adapt to apartment living
and does not necessarily need a garden. However, this is an
energetic breed and will always welcome a yard
or garden of possible, or if not will need regular exercise.

Exercise Requirements
The Shetland Sheepdog loves to run,
and you should let him run free when in a safe area,
 such as a fenced of garden or field.
However, do not let him off the leash while walking
 as this breed loves to chase things  including cars
 and this could result in fatal consequences.

Life Expectancy
A healthy Shetland Sheepdog can expect to live
for around 12-15 years,
dependant upon lifestyle, diet and general health.

Grooming Requirements
The coat of the Shetland Sheepdog can get matted,
and therefore regular brushing is required. You can lightly
spray the coat with water before you brush to make it
easier to remove knots and keep the coat in good
condition. You can bathe occasionally if required. 

The Shetland Sheepdog were bred on the Shetland Islands.

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