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Section One ~ My Family

Mary's Place (main)

About Me

A Tribute To My Dad

Alexandros Page ~ my eldest  son

Costas ~ my youngest son

     ~ Cindy's Page ~
Sheltie puppy

 Buster Page
new member of our family

 My Pets   
~Puppies 3 wks old   My PSP creations
         my graphics

Section Two ~ My Country ~

CYPRUS ~ My country

Customs Of Cyprus
Easter ~ Traditional Customs of Cyprus

~ Namedays~
Celebrating Nameday's
 in Cyprus

Desert & Sweets
Traditional Festive Sweets
Salads & Greek dishes


Section Three
(Poems & Music)

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Family Index!

Friendship Index!

   Love & Misc Index !

Beauty of Nature!
Special Wishes
B/D - Valentine-Mother's Day-Father's Day

Special Elvis Section!

Place of Inspiration!

Comfort Index!

Christmas Greetings!

Easter Greetings!

Humorous Poetry

Seniors Poetry
My Pets Index!

Animal & Pet Index!

My Greek Traditional Recipes Greek Music

Section Four

 ~ Animal & Pet Index! POEMS AND STORIES ~
* I personally recommend them!

Cindy x Buster
puppies born on the 11th December 2012
please  contact us

Click on the picture below to view pictures of the puppies

  I Only Cried Once (for Sandy)
Celine Dion


Nikki, my best friend

Self Portrait


 Dogs Are Special  (my maya)

Walk With An Old Dog

 Looking Back At All My Lost Yesterday (Sandy)

 Memories Of Mine ~ Tribute for my Sandy ~ Barbara Streisand

I Wander Alone ~ Dedication to Sandy
Petula Clark

   My Sweet Sandy ~ A Tribute

 My dogs lives here

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Israel Kamakawiwo Ole

 The Lion Sleeps Tonight
~ The Token

 Side By Side 

 I Am Your Dog

 Growing Old With Dogs

Just A Dog

Come Play With Me

 Lovin Arms ~ Tribute 2008 to Sandy
Elvis Presley

 Maya's Tribute Page ~ my Siberian husky
Olivia Newton John

  Cindy's Page ~ My Sheltie
 Baby Face (Cindy)
~ Bobby Darin
Buster Page ~ My Sheltie

Elaine Hall's Poems and Songs 
(** poems without music)

** The Mouse That Made A House A Home

A Leftover Letter To Santa

** The Old Man And His Dog

** Zackie, a lovely kitten

Free Again

** The Trophy

The Child In Me

You'll Always Have My Heart

A Tree Spoke To Me

What a Mess We're In

** My Pre-Owned Dog

The Upward Climb

Remembering Anna

Our Love

I'm Glad There's You


Hard To Watch A Friendship Die

** Dog's Speak

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

** True Blue

** If These Woods Could Speak

Who Will Be There

Happy Belated Birthday

Look Away

Lonely Heart

I Close My Eyes So I Can See

My Neck On The Woods

Heat Of The Fire

Daddy, I'll Always Love You So

Friends Forever

Angels There With You

The Quietness Of Strength

Valentine's Day

** Bonnie & Raggs

You Have A Place Here In My Heart

** A Feline With Real Class

Forever My Friend

In My Mind I'm 21

 ** The Faded Tattoo

Your Friendship Is A Treasure

Inside My Heart

A Special Friend Like You

I Will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor

Treasured Memories Of Time

 My Heavy Heart

Daddy's Shoes

 As Seen Through A Child's Eyes

 Heartfelt Memories
Barbara Streisand

 The Truest Fantasy I've Ever Known
Sarah McLachlan

 ** Who Is It

 So Lost Without You
Nana Mouskouri

 ** Dogs Are Special

 Just As I Am
Rod Stewart

 I Can't Picture Myself Without You
Jessica Andrews


 Sweet Memories
 Dreaming My Dream With You
~Collin Raye



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