The Timelessness Of Friendship


The roots of friendship and love
run deeper than the shallow,
temporary subjectivity, and
superficial facade that we wrap around
 the ego of our need for acceptance
by casual acquaintances, and the
occasional hand waving 'Hello'
of the passer by.

The strength of love and the glory
 of friendship, true to themselves,
are unbending, boundless bonds
of eternal power.
Soft as the gentle touch
of a feather on the cheek,
wistful as the memory of a long
 forgotten song,
yet more potent than
Prometheus unbound, or
stalwart Hercules and his labors of 12.

Forged and tempered
in the wake of forever,
 love and friendship,
true only unto themselves,
are unbreakable bonds of time unerring.

Written by Sheila Barrett (c) 2004
used with permission







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Poem "The Timelessness Of Friendship"
strictly copyright by Sheila Barrett (c) 2004

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Date Created:
August 26, 2005