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Dedicated To My Children

My Children

There is never a day that goes by without
my thinking of what beautiful blessings
you are to my life.  God must have been
smiling down on me... when you came
into the world. And I promise you this:
it would be a far less fantastic, rewarding,
and remarkable place....without you.

I am so enormously proud of each one of you!
I love you beyond all words that I will ever
be able to say, and I will love you
every moment, every day of my life.

There are gifts that are far above priceless.
There are memories that are made of pure love.
There are special miracles that really do come true.

And all my life, each one of you
will always be...
a wonderful gift, a treasure of memories
and an amazing miracle....to me.

With All My Love Forever