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A leftover letter to Santa
One that nobody had found;
And the child who sent this letter
Was the one that we all had let down.

She said, "Santa, please find
someone to love me
Now that I'm all alone;
I want someone to care
I want someone to share
And be there for me ‘til I am grown.

"My daddy left the day I was born
And my mom died so I'm on my own;
I know that they're coming to take me away
And Christmas is only a few days away."

"So Santa, I beg you, hear my plea
‘Cause next year who knows where I'll be;
I'm scared and I'm lonely
And I don't want toys
Like all of the rest of the girls and boys."

"I just want a home and someone to love
Like my Mom who's now with the angels above."
So search your heart and search your mind
And who knows when you may find ...
‘A leftover letter to Santa.'

Copyright © 1996 by Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved
used with permission

No part of this music or words may be reproduced or used in any way
without the prior written permission of Elaine Hall . You may contact Elaine
at: SongWriter51@aol.com
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Merry Christmas!

Leftover Letter To Santa
by Elaine Hall


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"A Leftover Letter To Santa" strictly
copyright by  © Elaine Hall
Permission granted to use
 the above song

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