The Distant Blue

While you are gone before me,
Across the distant blue;
My heart is filled with memories,
And the sweetness that was you. 

And while my arms are empty,
My heart is filled with love;
For I know the arms you rest in now,
Are the Father's arms above.
My soul is filled with comfort,
For I know that you're at peace;
For Angels sing you sweet songs,
And I find there, sweet release.

So, rest there precious child of mine,
Till I come Home to you;
My love will be there in your heart,
Till I cross the distant blue.

~Allison Chambers Coxsey~

Letting Go 

Letting go is never easy,
Nor is it often kind;
Thoughts of what used to be,
Go running through your mind.
You'll bore all your friends,
Talking about the one you love so;
You'll regret the things said and unsaid,
And you'll ask, "Why'd you have to go?"

But the time will come,
When you'll let all the feelings show;
You'll cry rivers of tears,
But don't be afraid ... you're just letting go.

You'll feel like you've gone crazy,
And should be locked up in a padded cell;
Tho' way deep down inside you know,
That given time, you'll once again be well.

Just remember,
That as long as the memories are there,
A loved one never truly dies;
And we'll all meet once again,
In the sweet bye and bye.

~ Roy A. Kelly II ~


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There are really no words that can be spoken to soften the sorrow or lessen
 the loss that is felt from losing someone close to us.

I dedicate this site to dear Cathie who lost her son unexpectedly.
Rich, God bless his soul, will live in your heart and in the lives of all who
knew him. He will be very close to  you in spirit.
I do hope that the comfort and support of those who love you, along with
 the tender memories you hold so deeply within your heart, soften your grief 
and give you strength during this difficult time.   Our prayers are with you.

"The Distant Blue" used with permission of the author © Allison Chambers  Coxsey. 
    You can read more of Allison's poetry by visiting her site 
Allison's Heart.

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