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I'm Glad There's You

It's nice to know that spring will come
and skies of gray will soon turn blue,
It's nice to know that birds will sing
But most of all, I'm glad there's you.

It's nice to know that flowers will bloom
and grass will still have morning dew,
It's nice to have a song to sing
But most of all. I'm glad there's You.

For in our life we cannot find
true happiness so I am told,
But on an cold and windy day
I'm grateful for your hand to hold.

It's nice to hear of babies born
and sometimes hear that dreams come true,
I'm happy for the little things
But most of all,

I'm glad there's you

Copyright ©Elaine V. Hall~
Used with permission - All rights reserved

"Abschied Ist Ein Scharfes Schwert"
By: Roger Whitaker

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