Give Me Your Heart Tonight

Oh tonight -
I'm walking the streets again

Runnin' away
from all of my teasin' friends.
Oh tonight -
the stars are in darkened skies

They don't hold all the love
I can see in your lonely eyes.
Cause I'm not waiting for a secret

I don't want to hear a lie.
Don't want
 the promise of tomorrow

Give me your heart tonight.
Too young -
 too young to start settling down

I'm getting too old
too old to keep running around
your love is something
I don't wanna miss.
End up alone and livin'
 on a one night kiss.
Cause I'm not crying
without reason

I'm not asking what is right.
just like the changin'
of the season

Give me your heart tonight.
Cause I'm not waiting
 for a secret
. . .
Cause I'm not crying
without reason
. . .
Cause I'm not crying
without reason
. . .

performed by 
 Shakin' Stevens

"Give Me Your Heart Tonight"
Shakin Stevens

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Date Created:
November  3, 2005