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Venetian Bridge Of Tzielefou Paphos Forest in Cyprus


Bridges Of Life
Cheryl C. Helynck

Life takes us down many roads,
some smooth and other full of
 pot holes and ruts.
 Many times we reach the end of the road
and  there appears no where left to go.
 All the roads we walk are one way.
There is never any turning around to change
what  has happened down the trail in the past.
The only direction of choice is forward.
It is when we reach the end of the road we must
look for a way to cross over to the next path.
In order to carry on we look for bridges.
 It seems sometimes that there are none to be
 found, it is then we feel truly lost and alone.

When I look at the old covered bridges
I see them as the short connections
between two roads.
 I love the look and the safe feeling they
provide as they surround me as I cross.
 It is like walking over the water with
no fear of falling in.
Surrounded and protected from whatever
 the weather may be on either side
of these covered bridges.
 Walking through the darkness, yet at the
end you see the light at the other side guiding
your way as you move forward.
To me, these are old friendly bridges that
 have served travelers for years.
Each seems to have a personality of its own.
The common denominator is the way they
 look like an arm stretching out to greet you.
 Some how reassuring and welcoming at
 the end of a road, offering you assistance
along your journey.

Friends are often bridges in life.
When we stand at the end of a road, sure
that there is no where left to turn, a friend
 can often offer us an arm to lean on.
Aiding us to move onward.
Giving us that protective feeling,
 being solid and strong for us.
I remember being told as a child that
you have no choice in who your family
 might be, but your friends you choose.
That true friends should always be valued
as they have no obligation to care.
Through the years I have made
so many acquaintances that I have
no way of counting them.
 These relationships may be cordial,
 but it is not what I consider a friendship.

My friends are a very select group of
people that I have grown to love and
care for very deeply.
They are the people I turn to for advice
 when I am in doubt.
They are the sounding board to hear
my thoughts as I must make decisions.
People that I have shared the most intimate
details of my life with and to whom I have
 entrusted my confidence.
 Individuals to whom I am committed
 as their friend.
 Sharing my life with them as if they were
brothers and sisters, a real family.
 In turn I am there for them day or night
 no matter the situation.
Doing everything within my power to be of
assistance to them when I am needed.
They need only ask and know I will
heed their call.

Some of my dearest friends I have not seen
 for years but the friendship never dies.
Our lives have changed, sometimes
 running in parallel and other times in
totally different directions.
 However when we talk or meet we pick up
our lives together as if we had never been apart.
The caring is always evident and the interest
 in one another's life present.

To me, being a friend is the most rewarding
aspect of any relationship.
I see the elderly who have been happily
 married for years and it is obvious is
 that they are friends.
 Brothers and sisters, parents and children
that  have mature relationships that are strong
and healthy are based on friendship coupled
with love and respect for each other.
Friends can be children we grew up with,
or people we met at work.
A friendship can be made anywhere and
anytime during our life.

Sometimes we walk with our friends
down the road together side by side and it
comforting to feel their presence.
However when they are felt strongest is
when the need is greatest.
 It is then that they are a bridge in our lives
helping us to move forward.
Acting as the support we need as we reach
the end of a road and must cross over
 the turbulent waters of life.

Friendship is a gift, given freely and must
always be honored with respect and loyalty.
A friend is to be loved and accepted for
 who and what they may be.
Not to be taken for granted or abused.
Maintaining a bond of friendship is the
assurance that when the road ends there will
 be someone waiting for you bridging your path.
When called upon you can then return the
favour lending your supporting arm for them.

To all my friends, you know who you are,
 I thank you from the bottom of my
heart for your gift of friendship.
 I know I would not have been able to travel
so far without your care and support.
You have bridged many roads for me,
 I love you all.

written by ęCheryl C. Helynck
"Reflections Series" 1998 
 and used with permission.
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Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Elvis Presley

Bridge Of Tzielefou Paphos District Cyprus

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