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Many Happy Returns on your Nameday My Son!!

My Son

You are growing up to be an incredible young man
You are very unique and special
and I know that your talents will give you
many paths to choose from in the future...

As you grow up, my son
always keep your many interests ~
they will allow your mind to remain energized

Always keep your positive outlook ~
it will give you the strength to accomplish great things

Always keep your determination ~
it will give you the ability to succeed in meeting your goals

Always keep your excitement about whatever you do ~
it will help you to have fun

Always keep your sense of humor ~
it will allow you to make mistakes and learn from them

Always keep your confidence !
it will allow you to take risks and not be afraid of failure

Always keep your sensitivity ~
it will help you to understand and do something about
injustices in the world

As you continue to grow in your own unique, wonderful way
always remember that I am more proud of you
than ever before and I love you


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