Poem Dedicated
To All On Line
Internet Friendships

Hands Across The Miles

My Hands Are Always Reaching,
Far Across The Miles.
To Unseen Friends So Far Away,
They Help To Bring A Smile.

I May Never Get To See Them,
But Their Friendship Is So Real.
Just As if They Were Beside Me,
How Good They Make Me Feel.

For Friendships Know No Distance,
The Miles Do Not Exist.
For They Are In My Heart Forever,
Some Things One Can't Resist.

I Reach Out With Thoughts Often,
Towards Those Friends Unseen.
Wish Things Could Be So Different,
With No Distance In Between.

How I Wish To Simply See Them,
To Give A Welcoming Embrace.
And Pledge Friendship In Person,
Is The Dream I Seem To Chase.

So To All The On Line Friends
Out There,
Reach Hands Across The Miles.
And You Will Be Rewarded,
With Everlasting Smiles.

Dark Blue Knight
1999-2004 ~ All Rights Reserved
used with permission





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Artwork by Kim Anderson,
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Date Created:
September  5, 2004
Updated: September, 2013