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Vertical Expression Of Horizontal Desire

When she asked me to dance
I said, No No,
 "I have two left feet."
And then she took my hand
and whispered a song so sweet
And she said
 "Hold me as close as you can
'til my body's on fire."
It's just a vertical expression
of horizontal desire.

Nuestro amor se contó*
como el agua sobre el acero
y no puedo explicar
la manera como te quiero,
y la musica toca
el calor aumenta mas alto.
Es una vértica expresión,
un deseo horizontal.

We did the samba, the mambo
The tango the two-step
while we romanced
Con el compas abrazando
Nos fuimos sin saber por qué.

I took nothing for granted
but I wished I could stay all night
Y al llegar a su casa
ella apagó la luz
She said,
"Dance with me darlin' 'til
the moon and the stars retire."
It's just a vertical expression
 of horizontal desire.
Es una vértica expresión
un deseo horizontal.

***"Vertical Expression"*** by Bellamy Brothers & Freddy Fender


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