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"Sharing and caring, learning to give...
Trusting and dreaming each day that you live...
 Feeling there's someone you can't live without...
That's what the wonder  of love's all about."

A Valentine For The One I Love


You fill my world with happiness
each moment that we share,
And every day's more wonderful
just knowing that you care,
The kind and loving things you do,
the thoughtfulness you show,
Just make me love you even more
than  you could ever know....

And though I often fail to say
the feelings in my heart,
Though I forget to mention
that I've loved you from the start,
I'm  hoping you will somehow know
that every thought of you
Is always filled with so much love
each day the whole year through.

Happy Valentine's Day
With All My Love


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Updated: October 26, 2005