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1  teaspoonful  =  5  ml
3  teaspoonful   =  1 tablespoonful
4  tablespoonful  =  1/4  cup
1  cup  =  230  ml.
1 liter  =  4  1/3  cups
1 quart  =  4  cups
1 cup butter  =  227  gr.
1  cup  flour   =  150 gr.


(Traditional New Year's Cake)

When the cake is cut on New Years Day, everyone is
keen to find the coin as whoever does is meant to have 
good luck throughout the year. In days gone by, wealthier
people would actually use a real gold coin!

1 + 1/2 cups sugar
4  eggs
3/4 cup oil
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 tsp. vanilla extract
3/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup brandy
3 cups  flour
2  tsp.  baking powder
chopped almonds
icing sugar
Royal Icing (optional)

Whip eggs and sugar until very light. Add oil, melted butter and vanilla.
Stir in orange juice, brandy, flour and baking powder just until combined.
Place in a greased and floured round cake pan. Place a foil-wrapped coin
into cake mixture. Sprinkle almonds around edges. Bake at 175C  for
45 minutes until golden and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
Cool and remove from pan. If desired, write the new year on top with
royal icing and sprinkle with icing sugar.

1  egg white
1 + 1/2   cups  icing sugar
1  tsp.  lemon juice

Whip egg whites, slowly adding icing sugar and lemon juice.
Adjust consistency by adding a few drops of water for thinner icing
or icing sugar for a stiffer icing. Spread or pipe on cake and let dry.

(Greek Christmas Honey Biscuits)

These are light and crisp rather than heavy and syrupy.

1  cup  oil
2  cups  butter, softened
1  cup  sugar
1  cup  orange juice
1  tbsp.  orange peel, grated
1  tbsp. honey
1/4  cup  brandy
3  egg yolks
2 - 3  tsp. cinnamon
1/2  tsp.  cloves & nutmeg
1  tsp.  baking soda
1  tbsp.  baking powder

1  cup  honey
1  cup  water
3/4  cup  sugar
cinnamon stick,  cloves,  lemon peel
chopped  walnuts for topping

Whip butter and sugar until very light and fluffy.  Beat in 
ingredients in order given,  adding just  enough  flour to make pliable
dough.  Quickly shape into small ovals,  press with fork to make a
design  and bake at  175C  until golden brown.  Boil  syrup
ingredients together for 7 minutes and quickly dip cool biscuits into
hot syrup. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Make extra syrup, if needed.


For Christmas, weddings, or anytime

2  cups  butter (or part shortening)
1 cup icing sugar
4  eggs
1/3  cup  brandy
1  tsp.  orange peel, grated
1+1/2  tsp.  baking powder
1  cup  lightly toasted almonds, chop
1.2  kilos  flour  (approximately)

Whip butter and icing sugar together until very light and fluffy.
Whip in eggs, brandy, orange peel, baking powder and almonds.
Stir in enough flour to make a soft but pliable dough.  Shape into small
ovals and bake at  175C  until lightly golden.
Roll in icing sugar while warm.``


Traditional Cypriot sweet filled with almonds

1/2  kilo flour
1/3  cup  oil
1  cup  water (approximately)
dash salt

3 cup  water
2 cups sugar
1 cup honey,
1/4  cup. blossom water
lemon peel

Rub flour, salt and oil together. Slowly add enough water to make
a soft dough. Knead well. Cover and let dough rest for 1 - 2 hours.
Roll out dough on floured surface and cut dough into squares.
Mixed chopped almonds with a bit of cinnamon. Place a spoonful
of almonds onto each square of dough in a long line. Roll up like cigarettes,
sealing edges with a fork.  Deep fry in hot oil.  Boil 3 cups water
with 2 cups sugar, 1 cup honey, 1/4 cup blossom water and lemon peel
for 5 minutes.  Quickly dip cool daktyla into hot  syrup.

(Sweet Cheese Cream Dessert)

This is a variation of a cream that is very popular in Cyprus.

500 gr.  fresh  anari  or  ricotta cheese
1/2  cup  sugar
3/4  cup  strained yogurt
1  tbsp. blossom   water
1/2  tsp.  orange peel, grated
2  cups  fresh cream (whipped with some sugar & vanilla)
1  pkg.  savoiardi biscuits
1  cup  milk
1  tbsp.  blossom water  or  brandy
1/2  tsp.  cinnamon
1/4  cup  walnuts,  chopped
fresh  strawberries

Process anari or ricotta cheese, sugar, yogurt, cinnamon,
blossom water and orange peel in food processor until smooth. Place some
whipped cream in pastry bag and save for garnish. Mix remaining whipped
cream with the cheese mixture.  Line glass baking dish with the 
savoiardi biscuits and sprinkle with the milk and blossom water or brandy.
Top with the cheese cream.  Decorate with the cinnamon, walnuts,
strawberries and reserved whipped cream.  Chill  8 hours.

(Easter Cookies)

1 cup butter, softened
2  tbsp. shortening
1/4  cup  oil
1  cup  sugar
1/4  cup  orange juice
1  tsp. vanilla extract
3  large eggs
4+  cups flour
2  tsp. baking powder
1/2  tsp.  soda
milk & sesame seeds

Cream butter, shortening, oil and sugar. Add orange juice and vanilla.
Gradually beat in eggs until light and fluffy.  Mix flour with baking powder
and soda and add to butter mixture.  Dough  should be soft and pliable.
Chill  2  hours. Roll into small twists and swirls. Place on baking sheets.
Brush with milk and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  Bake at 175C
until golden brown.

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