I See A Tree What Will
My Children See

II Site And Gaze
At Forests,
Amazed At What I See.
Most From Tiny Seeds
Have Grown,
No Bigger Than A Pea.

They Fall To Earth
On Windy Days,
Are Blown Round
And Round.
Until As If
By Miracle Unknown,
Find Their Own
Small Piece Of Ground.

There They Lie
In Dormant State,
Some Destined
 Soon To Be.
Bursting Forth
With Their Own Life,
To Become Majestic Trees.

They Wait Until
The Rains Do Fall,
Then Normally In Spring,
The Water
It Will Give Them Growth,
And Sprout New Life
To Bring.

As Each Year
Then Passes On,
They Pass
 All Nature's Tests.
When Eventually
They Do Become,
Part Of Tomorrow's Forests.

Then It's Turn For Them
To Release,
A Seed Of Their Very Own.
So When They Die
And Wither Away,
Another Tree Be Grown.

And So
It Would Always Remain,
The Forest Forever
There To Be.
But Due To Man's Ignorance,
He Destroys That Very Tree.

As I Sit In Wonder,
And Gaze Out
With Much Joy.
I Also Pause And
Pray A While,
Man Will Soon
Cease To Destroy.

For If We Continue On
This Path,
Of Destruction All Around.
Won't Be Trees Our Children See,
But Bare And Barren Ground.

Dark Blue Knight
All Rights Reserved
used with permission

"A Little Peace" by Nicole
winner of the "Eurovision" contest 1982

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