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Sailin' Home

Sailin' home
across the ocean
Sailin' home,
we're goin' to be free.
Down below
the crew's in motion
To defy the violence
of the sea.
Feelin' young,
feelin' strong,
At the hight of the fight,
So nothing can go wrong.
We know we'll always
wanna be
fighting the sea.

Giant waves are
rollin' higher,
's Gonna be a cold
and rainy night.
Hands on deck are
raw and tired,
Prayin' for
a sign of distant light.
Feelin' young,
feelin' strong,
And the might
of the night,
Is pounding dark
and long.
We know we'll always
wanna be
fighting the sea.

But there's the light
and there's the fire,
The harbor key shines
dimly on the shore.
We can see
the steeple spire,
And now we know
we won the fight
once more.
Feelin' young,
feelin' strong,
And tonight
came out right,
But tomorrow could be wrong.
We know we'll always
wanna be
fighting the sea.

Performer : Piet Veerman

~Dedicated to my husband,
my own seaman ~

"Sailin Home" by Piet Veerman

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