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Listen To The Sunshine

When you think of "listening"
You think of hearing sounds
But if you listen carefully
you will hear
Sunshine all around.

It echoes as a soft touch
That glistens on your skin
You hear it in butterflys fluttering
And as the young birds sing.

You hear sunshine
deep within your heart
For it has a special song
The sounds bring a feeling
 of peacefulness
As the hours move along.

So listen to the sunshine
Let it soothe your very soul
It will ease a troubled mind
As the sound of sunshine
 plays it's role.

©Betty Lindsey11/04/06

It is amazing just what we can hear
when we really stop and listen. Things that we thought
had no sound can reach deep within us and touch our souls.
Sunshine is one of those things. It has a healing power if
 we just give it chance. Take the time to stand in the
sunlight and let it soothe you.
Betty & Kaye

"Walking In The Sunshine"
by Roger Miller

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Created April 24, 2006
Updated: March 29, 2018