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Red roses arranged in a fine crystal vase
Their velvety petals so soft on my face

The short note attached I read over again
My heart dancing round like the swirls from your pen

The glittering hearts entwined on a florist's stick
Make my own pirouette in a dizzying fit

Their delicate fragrance I breathe in again
A gentle reminder of all you have been

Sometimes words may fail me, I can't seem to say
How much you have meant to me every day

I've plucked a few petals to send off to you
Now that may seem such a strange thing to do...

Yet my heart has it's reasons, and you know them all
There are no words to say what our hearts can recall

A hopeless romantic? You think there's a chance?
Those questions are answered with one smiling glance

I've put on the song we both loved from the start
It brings me such comfort when we are apart

The song it will end and the roses will fade
But oh just how special I'm feeling today!

It goes without saying, but I must make it clear
You're my Valentine each day of every year

A toast to all lovers and long may you live
For the love that's worth keeping is the love that you give

Karen Shaw Matteson 2003

I love thee, I love but thee
With a love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold
And the stars grow old.

~ by Willam Shakespeare ~

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April, 29, 2004
Updated: January, 21, 2019