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Dangerous Follies

Cyber dating...
alias Dangerous follies
The internet game many lonely hearts play
The hidden dangers
they fail to see
In every kind word internet lovers say

Deadly heartache
these dating sites bring
To the lonely hearts
drawn to register here.
So easily these people fall
into this trap
Innocently trusting,
showing no fear

Lurking unseen,
within your PC screen
Sweet talking men,
capturing your dreams
Rapture filled words,
promises of love
The answer to a lonely heart,
it seems!

Will the many lonely hearts
ever learn
The dangers they subject themselves
 to Internet love is a deadly
 dangerous game
Play it, and the next victim
 may be you!

İKaye Stubbington





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"Dangerous Follies"
poem by İKaye Stubbington

Artwork by Deborah Woods, artist

Graphics by NSK Creations

Updated: January 25, 2019