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Why Are You So Beautiful

Oh I'm trying to leave
the memories behind me.
But you are always on my mind
to remind me.
I know my mission is to learn
 to live without you.
But still I wish I had you here
 to wake up to.
And as tonight I saw you
 slowly walk in thru that door.
Never in my life
 I've wanted anything more.

Oh why, why are you
 so beautiful.
And why, did you have
 to look that way.
Oh tell me, why, why are you
 so beautiful.
More than a million girls
 in the world.
And I just had
 to fall in love with you...

Well, I don't even know
 how of all of this has started.
And how was I to know
you'd leave me broken hearted.
Oh maybe I should try
to never see your face again.
'cos in so many ways
you changed my life.
I'm a different man.

And I should know by now
 I'll never be the one for you.
And every other thought is bound
 to make my brown eyes bleu.

Oh why, why are you
 so beautiful.
And why did you have
 to look that way.
Oho tell me, why,
why are you so beautiful.
Of all the girls that I could get.
I fell in love with
 the one I'll never have.

Oh tell me why why are you
 so beautiful
I'm no exception to the rule
Where there's a beauty,
there always is a fool.
Where there's a beauty,
 there always is a fool.


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***"Why Are You So Beautiful"*** by Rene Froger


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Created April 25, 2008