The Weathered Old Tree

I took a little walk in the woods today
The sun was hidden, the sky was grey
And I wondered as I walked,
what has it all meant?

I was feeling low, my spirit was down
On my face, there lingered a trace of a frown
And I thought
of all the wasted years I've spent.

Then I saw in the distance, a tree so tall
With it's limbs spread wide as if to call
And it seemed to say,
come rest awhile with me.

So I wandered over and gazed up high
At the time-worn branches
reaching to the sky
And I knew
this was the place I should be.

The leaves were full,
 though slightly torn
The bark was so rough,
cracked and worn
I could tell that it had weathered
 so many years.

My hand rested gently against the bole
And I felt the peace seep into my soul
Then slowly I began to release
 all my pent-up tears.

The peace I achieved
as I stood there so quiet
Was what I had searched
 for both day and night
And I knew at last
happiness was waiting for me.

My heart was lifted,
my spirits rose again
My mind was at last relieved
of it's pain
I found rest and hope
beneath that weathered old Tree.

©Betty Lindsey5/09/05

When we can let go of the past
and move forward with our life,
we can find the peace
our soul needs so much.
Being out in nature and
 letting it soothe our aching hearts
does so much to help us find that
 peace. This is a wonderful beautiful
world we live in. Enjoy it to the fullest.
Betty & Kaye

A Little Peace by Nicole

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