The Upward Climb

When the hill seems higher than we can climb
When the pavement has a winding road
And the chill that makes us shiver
From a world that feels so cold
We must meditate and quietly pray
For a happier time and a happier day.

Somehow the hill doesn't seem so high
When we see the mighty eagle fly;

And the winding road doesn't seem that long
When we reach its end and feel strong;

So keep your faith in times of stress
Try to keep a positive view
And always remember in troubling times
Someone's watching over you

© 2003 - Elaine Hall
used with permission - All rights reserved

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 "The Upward Climb"
© Elaine Hall/B.J. at  B.J's Enterprises





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Music entitled "The Upward Climb"
© Elaine Hall/B.J. at  B.J's Enterprises.

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