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His  Sweetest Dream

She was his light in darkness,
A cool, clear mountain stream;
She was the sun that rose at dawn,
She was his sweetest dream.
She was the beauty in his soul,
The warmth upon his skin;
She was the moon that rose at night,
Shining softly from within.

She filled his every hunger,
And filled his deep desire;
She was the flame with in his soul,
A bright and burning fire.
She was the sun that gleamed at noon,
That shined upon his day;
She was his life, his everything,
Until she walked away.

Now he lives in emptiness,
A shadow in the wind;
Afraid of what his world will be,
Without her living in.
She was the place his heart found rest,
Now rest is gone, it seems;
Drifting somewhere in the night,
She was his sweetest dream.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
©2002 ~ All Rights Reserved

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"Only the lonely" by Roy Orbison

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