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Let Your Spirit Fly

When you walk
your longest mile
When you face
your hardest trial
If it hurts too much to cry
Let your spirit fly

There will be love
 on the wind
There will be cold
 in the end
So let us soar you and I
Let our spirits fly

I will be there
 by your side
And we will try to
catch the wind and rise
Above the heartache
and the pain
Above the dark,
the never-ending rain

Oh this I swear, I will try
To help your spirit fly

May you be wise,
may you be kind
May you be happy
with what you find
May you dance
 on higher ground
May you keep
a simple sound
And never have
to question why
Just let your spirit fly

I will be there,
there will be time
You will be a lover
and a friend of mine
And this I swear, I will try
To help your spirit fly

When we arise
 from this sleep
There will be promises
 to keep
And if we must
say goodbye
Let your spirit fly

Ohhhhhhhh and if we must say
Let your spirit fly

*** Let Your Spirit Fly by Francesca Beghe***

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Created June 1, 2006