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Life Mate's Promise
by Cheryl C. Helynck

Oh my darling I promise you,
 ours is a timeless love.  
And I will love you truly till 
the end of time.
Our souls have intertwined, 
tightly woven together,
 our two hearts now beat as one.

Our minds see the same visions 
through eyes opening our thoughts
 without the need of words.
And I promise you truly till 
the end of time 
to be your life mate.
Whether we are close or far 
the distance does not separate
 the mingling of our spirits.
Two souls that found 
their perfect match, life mates 
our hearts sing out in rhyme.
Oh my love, 
I promise to hold you tight to me
 as we travel together through 
the end the time.
Two halves joined together made whole 
with the entwining of our hearts
 and our minds.
Take this promise with you 
my darling wherever you may go
 and whatever road or river 
you must forge.
I am standing there beside you 
offering my promise
 that I will love you forever 
until the end of time.
And I promise you truly 
I'll be there when darkness
 falls and I'll share your sunrise,
 till the end of time.
When no other is your friend 
or your soul is troubled 
I will be there for you.
No need to ask or thank me 
as I am your life mate
 and we are traveling together
 through time.
I will make this promise to you 
to share with you all that I am, 
and give myself freely to you.
And I promise you darling 
my love is honest and strong it 
will keep you till the end of time.
I promise to love you 
till the end of time.
I promise I'll be with you 
till the end of time.
I promise my to love you 
till the end of time........
Words by © Cheryl C. Helynck
Reflection series 1998

LifeMate's Promise" by
©Cheryl C. Helynck
and used with permission.
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