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~Hang In There~

Difficulties arise
in the lives of us all.
What is most important
 is dealing with the hard times,
coping with the changes,
and getting through to the
other side where the sun
is still shining just for you...

It takes a strong person
to deal with tough times
 and difficult choices.
But you are a strong person.
It takes courage
to see you through.
 It takes being an active participant
 in your life. But you are in the
driver's seat, and you can determine
the direction you want
tomorrow to go in.

Hang in there...
and  take care to see
 that you don't lose sight
 of the one thing that is
constant, beautiful, and true:
Everything will be fine ~
and it will turn out
that way because of the
special kind of person
you are.

So... beginning today and
lasting a lifetime through ~
Hang in there,
and don't be afraid
to feel like the morning
sun is shining...
just for you.

by~ The  Douglas Pagels

~ I Wish I Knew The
Right Words to Say to You Now ~

Things haven't been easy
for you lately,
and sometimes even
close friends
 can't find the words
to comfort one another...

I do not pretend to understand
what you must be feeling inside,
but I do know how frightening
the unknown can be
and that sometimes we have
to face our fears alone.

I'm beside you in this,
even though I sometimes
find myself stumbling over words
 meant to reassure you 
that everything will work out.
I'm hurting with you, 
and if I can help to ease
 your burdens 
I want to do that.

Life sometimes gives us
obstacles that render us
helpless, and though it isn't
within my power 
to make things better for you,
I, too, feel your pain.

I know that I can't change
things, but I can listen,
I can hold your hand,
and I can offer my strength
in your time of need.

Maybe  the words
aren't always there,
but my heart is.

by Debra McCleary


When things go wrong, 
as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging
 seems all uphill,
Keep your spirits high
for through thick and thin,
You must carry on
if you are to win.

Life is strange with
its twists and turns.
As everyone of us
sometimes learns.
It challenges us
to often give up
When we could have
captured the victor's cup.

So turn your failures inside out,
Press them on past
fear and doubt.
Never mind if things
 hold you back a bit.
You'll come out on top 
~ but you mustn't quit.

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