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This Is For You, Dad

This is for you, for the father I love,
for the one who has cared all these
years, but has never heard enough
about how much I care.

So this is for you.
For the one who has
 helped me through all my childhood
fears and failures,
and turned all that he could
into successes and dreams.

For the man who is
a wonderful example
of what more men should be.

For the person whose devotion 
to his family is marked by
 gentle strength and guidance,
and whose love of life,
 sense of direction
and down-to-earth wisdom
make more sense to me now
than nearly any other thing 
I've learned.

If you never knew how much
I respected you, I want 
you to know it now, Dad.  

And if you never knew how much
I admire you... let me just say
that I think you're the best father
that any child ever had.

~ Collin McCarty ~







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:June 7, 2006
Updated: April 3, 2018