Dancing with Joy

I'm just an old woman
but last night I danced
we whirled 'mongst the stars
and the moon was entranced

we flew far away
above trouble's sound
he held me so tightly
my feet left the ground

oh, it had been ages
so long since I danced
with heart full of magic
my dream thus enhanced

so long since I'd seen him
he still looked the same
our lives had somehow parted
and "Joy" was his name

my dream was so real
my heart touched the sky
with brilliance of angels
their wings lofting high

the dance sadly ended
It should have been years
we clung just a moment
I whispered through my tears

I don't know when
I'll see you again
but do come back soon
we'll dance on the moon

he faded then away
I woke from my dream
and looked out my window
upon a moonbeam

Dorothy Acton
used with permission
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Poetry Here

by TOrlando Dawn


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