If These Woods
Could Talk

A tiny little rabbit
was hopping all around
So very, very careful
not to make a sound
When all at once she felt a tap
And within seconds was in a trap

A monkey frolicking in a tree
Was so very happy to be free
Then without a single sign
Someone caught him from behind

A very young leopard
was walking proud
Shouting his first ROAR
 that wasn't very loud
And before he had a chance at life
He was killed with a hunter's knife

Now there's a rabbits foot
Attached to someone's chain
They think that it will bring them luck
What a crying shame

And in some pet shop in a mall
Is a frightened monkey, oh so small
He backs up as far as he can go
And what's his fate we'll never know

In a big city where
it really gets cold
A woman sports a coat
of shinny black and gold
Of a Leopards skin that's
exquisite to see
But at the brink of extinction
What's wrong with you and me?

Elaine Hall
All Rights Reserved
Used with permission

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"If These Woods Could Talk"
strictly copyright by ©Elaine Hall

Graphics by ©Terri

Original Photo Courtesy
of StockStash.Com

Date Created:
January 6, 2005