Fields Of Clover

Last night during the wee hours
While I was sleeping peacefully
in bed.
A dream of clover and butterflies
Came creeping into my head.

I dreamed
you were standing at your window
Staring at lovely fields of clover.
Watching a shadow chasing
 a butterfly
Flitting from spot to spot
and all over.

I dreamed
I was the one
chasing the butterfly
But no matter how hard I did beseech.
Whenever I would draw near to it
It would fly away just out of reach.

I ran through heavy storm clouds
And bright rays that shone
from above.
Then realized what I had
chased all along
Was the elusive butterfly of love.

Morning found me
 calmly awakened
Realizing my chase
was at last over.
For someone is there
always beside me
Walking hand in hand
 through fields of clover.

Betty Lindsey 17/08/05

Searching for love happens to all
 of us at one time or another in our
 lives. Many times it is like the
illusive butterfly, always
just out of reach.
When we are fortunate enough
to catch that butterfly, we should
cherish it with all our hearts.
For it is the most wonderful
blessing we can receive.
Betty & Kaye


Song playing....Elusive Butterfly Of Love
by Susan Jacks


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