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Among The Hearts

He took in all the special sights
while strolling through the mall,
Hearts of every shape and size
 were hanging on the wall.
He smiles and thinks
 the Christmas things
 are put away this year,
The theme now is a valentine
and that day now draws near.

He stands before the candy store
amazed at what he sees,
Hearts of every shape and size
replaced the Christmas trees.
He sees excitement
on the faces of the people there,
Looking for that special thing
for their loved ones to share.

He turns and sees a couple standing,
 looking arm in arm,
In a jeweler's window pointing
to a heart shaped charm.
He watches as the young girl leans
to give her man a kiss,
He smiles and thinks
 "ah yes, young love"
 can there be more than this?

He then thinks back
 when he was young
and caught in young love's clutch,
He smiles again because young men
 can fall in love so much.
A pretty face, a cheerful smile,
or tons of flattery,
A young man hops from bud to bud
 just like a busy bee.

But then one day it happens
and just why nobody knows,
And all the flowers fade
when he has found his perfect rose.
She touches all his senses and
his heart just seems to melt,
And he thinks back to his own rose
 and that was how he felt.

"Young love" he thinks is beautiful,
 but that is just the start,
It takes many years of growing
while it nurtures in your heart.
Love is not a feeling that
your share one day each year,
Love is not a trinket
or the candy that is here.

It is great expressing it
with trinkets that you find,
But love is something that will grow
 into a frame of mind.
Love is not a feeling found
 within some magic potion
Love that grows and becomes real
 goes way beyond emotion.

He sees an older couple now
and once again he stops,
Peering in the window of one
of the mall's card shops.
Maybe in their 40's or at least
he's sure midlife,
With wedding rings so he assumes
 a husband and a wife.

He sees them looking through the cards
 and sharing what they say,
And to himself he thinks that one time
 he had shopped that way.
He watches as she grabs a card
and reads the verse within,
Then shows her husband what it says
and both begin to grin.

He watches as they both read cards
 and to each other show,
And thinks this simple little thing
 together makes love grow.
If they were married young in life
and little things still share,
He turns to walk away and thinks,
 "That's true love growing there"

He loves to watch the people
in the mall as they walk by,
But now a special couple
holding hands has caught his eye.
The perfect ending to the
 story of love sitting there,
On a bench beside the food court,
both with silver hair.

Holding hands and laughing
at what one of them had said,
The man was pointing to her
heart shaped broach of brilliant red.
He knew they were enjoying life,
 to him there was no doubt,
And once again he thought;
"Now that is what love is about"

Life is love and love is life
 and no one is immune,
Young love in the spring of life
 or by the harvest moon.
Love does not go fleeing in life
when you turn a page,
Love remains or still may come
at any given age.

Love may come to some but once,
 and never come again,
But in this life you never know
when true love will begin.
So keep an open heart
and love will find you where it may
Or cling to love for all it's worth
 with your loved one today.

Share in all the happiness
your Valentine may bring,
Share the special moments
and don't ever miss a thing.
"True love is so precious" he thinks,
 as he now departs,
His stroll down lover's lane,
 inside the mall, among the hearts.

© 2004 James A. Kisner (Poppy)
This poem used with permission

"My Valentine"
by Martina McBride

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Created February 11, 2006